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Diamond necklace as the perfect gift option
With every festive season comes the need to decide a gift for your loved one. When you send a gift to someone, you are letting them know how important they are in your life and showing them that you really care for them and remember them in your happy moments. So, this festival, why not give a diamond necklace to not only your spouse, girl friend or fiancée but may be to your sister or mother as well. It is a gift that will always bring a twinkle to her eyes and will be cherished by her as the best gift she ever got.

Discover an excellent selection of fine diamond jewelry at the following diamond stores online. We understand that buying fine diamond jewelry is a very important decision, both financially and emotionally. Do take your time to shop around for the best purchase. You may want to bookmark this site for your shopping convenience.
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"It is estimated that less than 3% of the round diamonds sold in the US today would qualify as "Ideal" under AGS grading standards. At James Allen however, over 90% of our customers choose diamonds from our "Signature Ideal", "Ideal" or "Premium" categories. All of our stones come with grading reports from either the Gemological Institute of America or the American Gemological Society Laboratory. These two organizations are the "gold standard" in diamond grading and the only option for discerning customers. No other company offers a finer collection of Ideal cut diamonds than James Allen."   - Text from Website...
James Allen Engagement Rings
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"Unlike other jewelry sites, Szul is not an extension of a standard retail store but an exclusively Internet-based company. By controlling our sourcing, manufacturing, and product distribution, we can bring fine jewelry to the public at exceptional prices while raising the quality bar on the competition. " - Text from Website...
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"When you're looking for that perfect diamond ring, where you buy the ring is as important as which ring you buy. When shopping for diamond jewelry, the 4Cs are important, but so is the 5th C, and that is "confidence" - confidence that you're selecting the most beautiful diamond at the right price and confidence that you are purchasing from a trusted, reputable jeweler. Gordon's Jewelers gives you that confidence. Gordon's welcomes the opportunity to share diamond information that will help you in making comparisons when choosing the diamond of your dreams. So, if you're considering where to buy Jewelry, consider building a long-term relationship with a jeweler you trust: Gordon's Jewelers." - Text from Website... | Celebrating Relationships since 1905
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For several years, people restrain from giving a diamond necklace as a gift to someone, mainly because of the money factor. But now-a-days, diamond necklaces are available in almost any budget ranging from $450 to as far as your imagination can go. The price of the necklace largely depends upon the quality, size and quantity of diamonds in the necklace and also the metal in which the diamonds are set. Usually, white gold is preferred for making diamond necklaces. This is because white gold has a much better appearance than yellow gold and it is also much stronger. Purchasing diamond necklaces is very easy as today, there are several online as well as offline stores that offer different styles and designs of necklaces for sale.
"With Limoges Jewelry, you have entered a privileged world of highly satisfying jewelry shopping. Without any expensive showrooms or other overhead costs, Limoges Jewelry offers custom-crafted, personalized jewelry designs at prices that you'll find hard to believe! And, best of all, a few simple clicks will bring your unique, personalized treasure right to your front door." - Text from Website...
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"Ultra Diamonds is the 7th largest retailer of fine jewelry in the United States. We offer luxurious high-ticket diamonds at dramatic discount, backed by a customer-reassuring 30-day online-sale return policy and free shipping for qualifying orders." - Text from Website...
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Generally, diamonds studded in a necklace are very small in size, much smaller than those used in diamonds rings or diamond earrings. But the plus point that the number of diamonds in a necklace is much more than that in a ring or earring. Diamonds are available in different shapes and the most common shape that is used in a necklace is round shaped or heart shaped. Other stones can also be embedded in a diamond necklace including pearls and rubies. Therefore, while placing your order for your chosen necklace, you should keep in mind the material used and the size of the diamonds used in the necklace.

Types of diamond necklaces available
There are different types of diamond necklaces available in the market including small drop necklaces, illusion necklaces, gemstone necklaces, ribbon necklaces, chain necklaces, trilogy necklaces, collarets and wish bone necklaces. Now-a-days, diamond necklaces are meant not only for men but also for women. Men also like to wear a diamond chain with a pendant displaying a single big diamond studded in its middle. Some men also prefer to wear a pendant with dog tag studded with a diamond. Diamond chain also gives an entire new look to a man who has a muscular body.

So, whether you are sending the gift to a man or a woman, a diamond necklace seems to be the best gift option.
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